28 May 2012

166. Briefly: nvidia API mismatch on debian when running ecce

UPDATE: There's a much better way to do this: "One thing that I did notice is your issues with OpenGL where you suggested moving the shared libraries to another directory. While that's perfectly workable, this would be another instance where consulting the $ECCE_HOME/siteconfig/site_runtime file would be useful. There you would learn about the $ECCE_MESA_OPENGL and $ECCE_MESA_EXCEPT variables that control whether to use the ECCE-supplied GL libraries or native ones (e.g. hardware OpenGL card drivers) on your machine." I'll update this post again when I've had a time to look into it. Lecture slides and grant rejoinders don't write themselves...

Original post:
If you get an error along the lines of this:
only when you're running ECCE i.e. there's an API mismatch error with a difference in kernel module version vs the nvidia driver component (in my case 295.49 and 290.10, respectively), thenyou may want to have a look in your apps folder before you launch a major investigation, e.g.
ecce-6.3/apps/rhel5-gcc4.1.2-m64/3rdparty/mesa/liblibGL.so    libGL.so.295.49  libGLU.so.1           libnvidia-glcore.so.295.49
libGL.so.1  libGLU.so        libGLU.so.1.3.071100  libnvidia-tls.so.295.49
You can symmlink the correct drivers, or -- which is even easier -- just move your 3rdparty/mesa library to e.g.3rdparty/bakmesa and see if it solves it

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